WORLD RECORD schweizer handstand press | L-seat straddle press to handstand | Stalder press amrap

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There it is! My world record.
The video of me doing L-seat straddle press to handstand/schweizer handstand press as many reps as possible.
There is no official Guinness world record for this move unfortunately, but we filmed this from 3 sides + one handheld camera and i had my boyfriend counting the reps there to at least follow the official guiness requirements!
So @GuinnessWorldRecords if you ever want to feature this as an official record, i can send you all the footage for review!

Here are the numbers:
52 minutes non stop L-seat straddle press to handstand
342 reps!

Special thanks to everyone involved.

Kevin Kolditz
Michael Valentin
Philipp Reisinger

Philipp Reisinger

Sportssupport Fitness Salzburg

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