What Happened to Street Racing?

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To start, we just want to say that street racing is not only illegal but extremely dangerous. Keep your loved ones safe and race at the track.

With that being said, what actually happened to street racing? For some of us, street racing and cruising the main strip was a weekend event. Showing off the cars as the sun would set, and once it was dark, a new world would waken. But as some of us have gotten older, the younger crowd has become less and less interested. Are looks more important than power? Or have we just learned our lesson? Sit down with Alex right now to find out exactly what happened to street racing.

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Kim - The Borders

0:00 Anovia Pre Roll
1:00 Intro
2:02 The Plug
2:55 The Birth of Street Racing
4:00 Creating Legal Races
6:08 Top 10 Street Racing States
6:46 The CannonBall Run
7:13 The Fast and the Furious
8:06 The Rise and Fall in Popularity
10:19 This is Dangerous Stuff, People
11:39 Final Thoughts
12:31 Outro
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