Water Circus on HUGE Pendulum Swing I DD Squad Ep7

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We handbuilt a HUGE pendulum swing, strapped it under a railway bridge and created an epic water circus above the river! It was a true summer acrobatic party!

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In this episode of the Dunking Devils Squad series, we returned to the scene where we shot our first DD Squad episode, and put on our very own water circus! For this occasion, we built a pendulum swing that enabled us to fly high and provided us with enough air time to pull off some badass flips and acrobatic tricks! To make the show really spectacular, we invited our friends to join us on this lovely summer day and show off their own acrobatic skills!

Watch the episode and get ready for some water circus action!

***DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt to try any of the stunts featured in this video without proper training. We are trained professionals.***

► DD SQUAD STUNT TEAM: Maks Veselko, Gašper Novak, Matevž Pogačar, Jan Žnidaršič
► GUEST ACROBATS: Tjaša Dobravec, F&B Acrobatics, Dana Avguštin, Eva Obscura, Italian Highliners
► EDIT: Maks Veselko
► VIDEO CREATORS: Luka Maček, AljažSkvarč Božič, Tadej Ambrožič



Do you know that feeling before you’re about to do something insane? The feel of adrenaline rushing through your veins and the sound of your heart pounding like a jackhammer?
So do we. It’s what sets our souls on fire and makes us feel alive.

Inspired by the likes of Dude Perfect, DevinSupertamp, People are Awesome and Adrenaline Addiction, we decided to start our own adrenaline adventure. Four Dunking Devils friends brought together by a mutual love of extreme sports and the desire to test our limits, we constantly look for opportunities to bring out wildest ideas to life. Our goal is to pull off as many epic stunts as possible and have a whole lot of fun while doing it. However, we’re not merely adrenaline addicts - we’re engineers who design and build our own acrobatic equipment on which we perform crazy daredevil stunts that have never been done before.

We invite you to join us on our adventure and feel the adrenaline rush with DD SQUAD!
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