Top 9 Bikers Helping People Videos!

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Here's the top 9 best bikers helping people videos I have on the channel! Go to the channel and watch another compilation after this!

I have a bunch of other top 10 videos of bikers!
This compilation has bikers giving people rides to their places, bikers picking up shopping carts for workers, bikers buying food for people and bikers just being nice to others! Just go up and say hi to people. Half the time all it takes is a quick "Hi" and you never know what could happen from there! My biker girl was in this video with me as well! Biker girls are the best! Trust me, I know.
See, girls can ride motorcycles too! What makes you think girls can't ride motorcycles?
If you enjoy motorcycl videos make sure to check out the other sport bik videos on the channel MasFace.
Us bikers are just out here having fun!
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