These Zelda Outfits are AWESOME! Playable Zelda + Survival Mode in BOTW - Modded!

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We are combining 2 awesome mods for this Breath of the Wild stream series - Zelda's Ballad and Survival of the Wild.

This means that we will be able to play through the game as Zelda complete with AWESOME wardrobe changes and sound effect switch ups. AND we will have a new hunger system, added peril and other various Survival mode changes. I AM SO EXCITED. Get the HYPE TRAIN going!

Chat rules:
Be friendly, keep the chat family friendly, and please don't spam!
Keep emoji use to less than 3 per chat
Excessive CAPS and emojis will be caught by our chat bot.

Chat commands:
!song - (cost 5,000 rupees) ted will play a song
!impression - (cost 4,000 rupees) ted will do a voice impression for the next 5 minutes
!emoteonlychat (cost 3,000 rupees) - enables an emoji-only chat with no limit on emojies for 3 minutes!
!ffa (cost 50 rupees) - triggers a free for all game where you can win rupees
!boss (cost 75 rupees) - triggers a boss fight chat game where you can win rupees

Peter Commands (200 rupees each, you get cool points if used with impeccable timing.)
!uhoh !bike !slowclap
!bucket !lame !toasty
!dance !humor
!wow !smh !dontgetdead

!top - displays a list of top Rupee holders
!rupees - shows how many rupees you have
!uptime - shows how long the stream has been going
!email - displays the Basement's email address

Mod Only Chat Commands:
!wrr - an explanation of what rupees are for and how they work
!hype {name} - gets people to celebrate donators
!discord - displays a discord join link
!patreon - displays a Basement Patreon link
!newsub - Peter thanks the new sub
!peter - Peter tells people that Peter isn't here on the streams

For Chat: https://discord.gg/PNPEPng

Basement Merch!!!

Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/thebasementgames


Here are the commands you can use in chat!!

!give - gives rupees to another user
!rupees - tells you how many rupees you have

!boss - triggers a chat game where participants can win rupees by 'fighting a boss'.
Games are on a cooldown timer, so they're only available from time to time.

!uptime - how long the stream has been running

You can become a patron here:

Or become a sponsor by clicking the Sponsor button in Youtube.com/gaming or the Youtube Gaming App.

Join us on Discord anytime: https://discord.gg/PNPEPng

I am not monetizing this stream, so donations are greatly appreciated - you can donate through Stream Labs, or do a superchat if you would like to have your name appear on screen!

You earn Rupees by watching the stream, participating in chat games, and when we hit 'like' 'viewer' and 'sponsor' milestones! Also, for every dollar in Super Chat donations you'll receive Bonus Rupees. Rupees are used for minigames, raffles, and stream commands. Check how many you have with !rupees

ChatBot commands:
!rupees - check how many rupees you have
!top - generate a list of the top 5 Basement Dwellers based on rupees collected

Join us on Discord anytime: https://discord.gg/PNPEPng
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