S2E41 Why Overlanding Expos and Retreats Are Awesome (MOORE Expo, KOAR, Rendevous in the Ozarks)

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Thinking of going to an Overlanding retreat or expo? If so, what should you do while you're there? Why should you or shouldn't you check one of these events out? In this video, I'm going to talk through how these events work and why they are really awesome for new or even experienced Overlanders.

Hopefully this info is helpful if you're considering going to this event in 2021! If you're looking for a great one to check out, consider going to MOORE Expo in February of 2021 (link below to purchase tickets) and come say hi! I'll be there.

Post up in the comments if you attended KOAR or other events and have anything to add, or if you just have questions about anything mentioned in the video. Happy to help!

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