Revit Groups are Awesome! How to Make and Edit Revit Groups

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In this tutorial I breakdown how to make, use and edit Groups in Revit.
This Video goes through the process of creating a group in Revit, arraying it throughout the model, making efficiency gains by updating the elements across all groups at once, assinging Attached Detail Groups to Model Groups and Sending Groups out into external models for linking.

The Video Content is broken down as follows:
Introduction - 0:00
How to Create model Groups and Attached Detail Groups- 1:11
How to Copy, Mirror and Rotate Groups in Revit - 2:45
Assigning an Attached Detail group to a Model Group - 3:11
Hosted and Hosting Elements within groups - 4:12
How to Edit Revit Groups and how Groups make Revit Modelling and alterations more efficient - 4:53
Revit Groups Model development Continued- 6:23
How to Ungroup in Revit and Remove elements from Revit Groups - 8:19
How to Duplicate Groups in Revit and make Group edits - 9:53
Moving Revit Groups out into external model links -12:15
Outro - 16:39

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