Remnant from The Ashes is AWESOME

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Remnant: From The Ashes is amazing and I think more people should play it! Chapters:
0:00 (I love this intro)
0:31 Intro
1:02 Character Creation
17:35 Combat with Ace (aka Ace Combat)
24:40 Posi black characters? love to see it
33:49 Activating the World Stone (feat. RE4 Merchant voice)
37:44 "How can 'Ol Reggie help you today?"
39:44 Earth: Part 1
45:43 Hunter's Key: Part 1
53:18 Hunter's Key: Part 2
1:04:55 MORE LIFE
1:05:14 Hunter's Hideout
1:07:25 Earth: Pt 2
1:18:02 The Hidden Sanctum, Shroud Appears!
1:31:17 The Horror in the Sewer! Kill Shroud!
1:34:00 THE KILL
1:35:05 Outro
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