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Rainfish, The Most Amazing Rains on The Planet

If it’s raining on a normal day, an umbrella is sufficient enough to shield you from the regular wet rain, snow or hail. Heck, some people don’t even need umbrellas at all!

Uhm, but what happens when it starts raining other things....and by other things, we mean some of the weirdest things that you could ever imagine. We’re talking showers of torrential proportions of spiders, fish….and maybe even iguanas??

Most of us might think it’s the end of the world that the Mayanshad predicted centuries ago!

It turns out that human beings from different parts of the world have seen some pretty weird things falling from the sky at one point or another.

And while some freak rain occurrences can be explained by atmospheric disturbances, others have, until recently, puzzled ancient astronomers and meteorologists alike for thousands of years!

Thank God we live in these times!

With that being said, let’s take a look at 10 of the most bizarre rains on the planet. Some of these rains are so weird, you might even think that the heavens are playing a trick on your or something!
9. Rain Fish

Once in a while in Mexico, a very peculiar rain falls from the sky; there’s even a local name for it: “lluvia de peces” which literally means rain of fish.

But that’s not the only place it happens. Indeed, many coastal cities around the world, from California to England have their very own version of this, uhm, fishy phenomenon.

Sounds awesome right? I can’t imagine how excited villagers were knowing they would be frying some tasty fish for a week!

Indeed, these fish stem from weather events called watersprouts; which is basically a tornado that touches down on water and then moves inland.

Most times, the whirling winds from the tornado suck up water from lakes or oceans, lifting up schools of unsuspecting fish, as well as other aquatic animals.
The winds carry these critters inland, and then ultimately drop them off on land together with whatever water remains.
8.Frozen iguanas

Iguanas are some of the most versatile animals on the planet. Indeed, they are able to adapt to whatever environment they come across, showing just how resilient nature is. Nevertheless, there are some weather conditions that can be too extreme for the animal. Indeed, even the toughest of animals can buckle under the crippling cold

Take for example when residents of Tallahassee, Florida braced for their first measurable snowfall in more than 28 years in January of 2019.

As the temperatures dropped to unbearable levels, the residents of Tallahassee also braced for another type of rainfall.

A hailstorm of Iguanas.

Because these cold lizards of Florida are invasive species, they like to make their homes in suburban tree branches.

When the temperature drops, the iguanas literally shut down a number of their bodily functions, and thus, can no longer hold on to the trees.

These paralzyed iguanas tumble out of the trees and remain completely still, until the temperatures warm up enough for them to revive and begin walking once more.

The paralyzed iguanas tumble out of the trees and remain stock-still (but not dead) until temperatures warm, allowing them to revive and scurry off again.

However, if the temperatures persist at extremely low levels, the iguanas remain in this state and can easily become roadkill or prey for predators. If temperatures persist, they eventually die.
7. Frogs

No, it’s not the end of the world as portrayed in the Bible, or one of the Egyptian plagues! This strange phenomenon might also be caused by waterspouts.

Since 1873, tiny frogs have been observed to fall from the sky, darkening the heavens and covering large tracts of land.

While the exact cause is unknown, scientists generally apply this logic; if strong winds are capable of overturning a car, or ripping off a tree with deep roots, then they will for sure carry a number of frogs from their initial swampy homes inland; there is no big deal!

While frog rain is extremely rare, in the few times that it does occur, it really freaks out local residents; especially those that are pious!
6. Meat
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