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(Transcript: A UFC fighter, Anthony Pettis performed a super kick off the cage, which looked like it was from a movie. Here is just to show you at how much damage water can cause, by being dropped really high from an excavator, right on top of this car. This gymnast added an extra difficulty level on the bars, and still managed to pull it off very smoothly. When this dog was being recorded, it was the perfect time for him to suddenly show off his dancing skills. Upon delivering a pizza to it’s destined location, a monkey opens the door and pays for the pizza, while all dressed up just like a regular person. When these pilots were about to land during heavy rain, the runway completely disappeared from their view, and had to quickly abort the landing. A cake artist can make hyper-realistic looking cakes, meaning they can create cakes that look like into every day objects. You might think this video is reversed, but it’s not, this swimmer can dive and swim backwards, without a big deal. Instead of the traditional flying RC helicopters and airplanes, this man took his lawnmower designed plane for a flight. At the last minute somehow the basketball bounces off the cables, and still manages to go in the hoop just before the buzzer. This guy made a hand made mono-wheel bike, and took it out for a drive on the road when it was finally finished. A baseball player managed to do continues pitch backs without ever stopping, despite some saying the video could be fake. An old man at the beach made some kids dreams come true, by making the largest blow bubbles they could ever hope for.
Here’s a mind-blowing coordination in South Korea where each individual flips through their colored jackets, to create a cool animated display. David Blaine the magician magically removed this strangers teeth and quickly made them re-appear again in an instant, which made the people around lose their minds. A theatrical Russian dance will have you mesmerized at how perfect each one of the dancers does their part. You’d think that golf is somewhat already hard to begin with, but this golfer Vijay Singh takes it to another level, by skipping the ball over the water and still making the shot. Heres what the traffic looks like in East Africa where there are no signs of traffic lights anywhere to be found, and everyone just maneuvers around each other. If this driver didn’t have a dash-cam installed, they wouldn’t have caught this strangers attempting insurance fraud taking to the next level. A group of people shouted together to send some vibrations to remove the pile of snow sitting on the roof. This guy does the best impression of a chainsaw and even manages to take down a branch. When you slam dunk so you hard that you leave with breaking the backboard into pieces. Heres a very rare and a difficult skill that probably no one could ever accomplish by juggling and playing the piano at the same time.)
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