LONGBOARDING but the video ends when it starts raining

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Welcome to Belgium, great for longboarding except it storms every weekend and rains all the weekdays. Was super hyped to skate again after a long while, but the weather gods didn't think so.


chuki beats: http://youtube.com/chukimusic/

Crownboards - http://crownboards.com/
Caliber Truck Co. - http://calibertruckco.com/
Blood Orange Wheels - http://skatebloodorange.com/
Manaliso Clothing - http://manaliso.com/
Undone Watches - http://undone.com/
Zhiyun Tech - http://zhiyun-tech.com/

15 easy beginner tricks - https://youtu.be/Gut3T6DZEhI/
basics of longboarding - https://youtu.be/mkQqWYaUEHs/
my best of 2018 video - https://youtu.be/KadeDtQqaHM/
10 beginner tips - https://youtu.be/jdwYz-JVugM/
longboard buying guide - https://youtu.be/qSH0UH6agUc/
5 beginner dance steps - https://youtu.be/DQidZIcvNwI/


age - 21 years old from the 16th of february.

country - belgium.

languages - i normally speak dutch. obviously also english and my french should be pretty good. has some german classes in uni but only technical german.

longboarding since - summer of 2012.

studies - in my third year of electromechanical engineering. i'm loving it.

filmmaking since - i was probably around 10 years old when i bought my first camera.

favorite music artist - eminem. also liking g-eazy, logic, russ, joyner lucas, j-cole, billie eilish,...

favorite movie director - q. tarantino and c. nolan

how to buy crownboards - decks & completes are sold every friday at 6pm cet on http://crownboards.com. they sell out quick so gotta be ready, fast and a bit lucky :)

what longboard to buy - check out my "ultimate guide on buying a longboard", i explain all i know about it here: https://youtu.be/qSH0UH6agUc/

camera - [2019-now] sony a7iii w/ sony's 28mm f2.0 lens / [2017-2019] sony a6300 w/ 35mm f1.8 and the 18-55 kitlens / [2015-2017] canon 60d and canon hf-g10. total sony fanboy now

editing software - adobe premiere pro cc

tips for beginners - i make/made a lot of videos teaching longboarding from beginner level to a more advanced level. here's a playlist of those videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

what's with the weed jokes - well people often ask me if i'm high cause i look like i am. and then it kinda became a meme on this channel haha

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