ISG vs. DRX | Play-In Groups | 2022 World Championship | Isurus vs. DRX (2022)

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The 12th League of Legends World Championship, the pinnacle of LoL Esports competition, is back in North America for the first time since 2016. 24 teams from around the globe will compete to become world champion.

Isurus vs. DRX

Isurus Line up:
• ADD - Top Maokai
• Grell - Jungle Viego
• Seiya - Mid Azir
• Gavotto - ADC Aphelios
• Jelly - Support Alistar

DRX Line up:
• Kingen - Top Sylas
• Pyosik - Jungle Sejuani
• Zeka - Mid Yone
• Deft - ADC Miss Fortune
• Beryl - Support Amumu

PLAY-INS: 9/29-10/04 - Mexico City
GROUPS: 10/7-10/10, 10/13-10/16 - New York City
QUARTERFINALS: 10/20-10/23 - New York City
SEMIFINALS: 10/29-10/30 - Atlanta
FINALS: 11/05 - San Francisco

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