INSTANT KARMA People get what deserve #2

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We bring some advices to avoid instant karma. Sometimes people are idiots, but universe make instant justice so be smart. Funny Instant Karma Fails and Justice served. In this episode from Instant Karma People get what deserve series, we selected the instant karma, instant karma fails, karma fails, people get what deserve, justice series, karma funny moments, karma idiot driver, idiots karma, instant justice, karma tv, instant karma fails 2017, instant cruel karma, got what it deserved, instant justice compilation, instant karma funny, people who got what they deserved, instant karma compilation, instant regret fails, instant regret, funny instant, funny instant karma, funny instant karma moments and funny instant regret, the best tips and advices to avoid instant karma.

Lessons in video to avoid instant karma
0:10 Don't run a red light
0:28 Don't kick other's bicycle
0:43 Don't prank your friends
1:02 Don't be cocky on television
1:30 Don't damage food for fun
1:44 Don't mess with motorcyclist
2:17 Don't kick animals
2:28 Don't park on sidewalk
3:00 Don't spit people
3:10 Don't try trip people
3:26 Don't trash talk
3:48 Don't humiliate kids
4:07 Don't throw chicken at a professor
4:48 Don't prank your girlfriend
5:02 Don't scare people when sleeping
5:15 Don't celebrate too early

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