Humans Are Awesome! *NOT REALLY!* EP.2

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This Is a message to all of the channel's viewers! Today Youtube removed one of my videos for inappropriate material. I have a problem with the thought that we have youtube decide what is "appropriate" for us to watch! Anyways, I am not monetized and have no plans to monetize this channel, I just enjoy putting together these videos as a hobby for a laugh and will not change what I am posting! I think it was a video that showed a monkey "Whacking off" at the zoo! Funny, right? I am guessing a "concerned" parent or another Youtube uploader reported the video after being up for 3 months and 40000 views! Anyways, I hope you enjoy the videos and leave a comment for what you would like to see in the future, change it up or keep the same material? Maybe it will be a freedom of speech video?? Cheers! DU.

Check out our latest video Humans Are Awesome 2019! *NOT REALLY!* EP.2 Where you will see many morons trying to be awesome but failing horribly! Some scenes will make you want to turn away and cringe! Some will just make you laugh! Enjoy!

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