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These are my 2020 tips on How to start a successful YouTube channel in 2020! In this video I cover how to grow your YouTube channel from scratch, and breakdown how to start a youtube channel for beginners. I promise you it's NOT too late to start a YouTube channel in 2020, and the tips I share in this video will help you learn how to grow on YouTube fast.

If you're wonder if you should start a Youtube channel in 2020, then this video is perfect for you! If you guys want more guides on how to make videos on YouTube, grow your YouTube channel to get more views/subscribers, or anything else for beginners / starters please let me know!

Here are some tips I cover for how to start a successful youtube channel in 2020:

#1 Don’t focus too much on the number of views and subscribers you have.
I know how bad you want to increase your sub count and get your views up. But the way I got to where I’m at and how multiple other YouTubers have grown their channels fast, is that they don’t focus too much on their views or their subscriber count. The numbers are awesome but don’t get obsessed over them! When you focus too much on those numbers, you forget to upload good quality content. And when you stop uploading good content, the number you’ve been obsessing over will eventually starting going down which is exactly what you don't want!

#2 Don't force yourself to make YouTube videos if you don't enjoy it.
It can be tempting seeing other YouTubers gaining a bunch of fans and subscribers, but if you don’t think you’ll enjoy making YouTube videos, then you shouldn’t do it. Be a YouTuber if it’s something you actually enjoy, and I say that because if you don’t enjoy making videos, you’ll be wasting your time. YouTube is NOT an easy way to become rich and famous and trust me, “good money” will not come for the longest time (if you don’t enjoy making videos, it will probably take you even longer)!

#3 YouTube success won't happen overnight, stay patient and consistent!
YouTube success doesn’t happen overnight, so you need to upload often. Otherwise someone else who works harder than you will, and they’re going to grow faster than you! Following an uploading schedule is the answer for how to get 1000 subscribers fast in 2020!

Instead of focusing too much on your view count and the number of subscribers you have, work on uploading good quality videos that you’re proud of! Also make sure you do everything to show up higher on YouTube search results. Fill up your tags to the 500-character limit, make sure you have a catchy title, a good thumbnail, etc.

YouTube Tips, Tricks, and More: https://youtu.be/W3aaH6LMoa4

#4 Copying others does NOT equal the same success!
New YouTubers often think using the same thumbnail font, the same background music, and things that other big YouTubers use, will get them the same views butt that’s just not how it works! If you want to grow a YouTube channel from scratch, please DONT copy someone who is bigger than you already! Ask yourself, why would people want to click on your video instead of the one that’s already been done by the bigger channel with more views?

#5 If you can’t watch your own videos, others can’t either..
A way to make sure your videos are fun to watch all the way through is watching them yourself before you upload it, and see if you ever got bored while watching it! If you did then cut that part out of the video and watch it again. Keep doing that until you get to a point where you can watch a video all the way through and enjoy it the whole time.

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My Favorite YouTube Optimization Tool (Grow Your Channel): https://www.tubebuddy.com/freetrial?a=Muaaz

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