Hand feeding Saltwater Crocodile and stealing eggs from his nest!

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yo guys! sorry long time between vids. First of all, I'm selling YEEMAN LURES!!! haha pretty wild but they are actually sick. hit the link and grab a couple, they don't last long. https://jonnybrooksfishing.com

Just got home from an amazing week in Vanuatu with ocean blue fishing. more vids to come soon, can also catch up on 40 eps over at https://www.fishflicks.tv ....

Check out the croc farm here http://www.bredlswildfarm.com and meet Rob and his crew.. such epic people and an amazing experience.

Thanks as always for the support guys, hopefully the weather stops being awesome so i can get some editing done and get more vids up for you guys..

Cheers, Brooksy.
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