ELECTRIC UNICYCLE- the Future Transport You NEVER Knew Existed!

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Episode 57- ELECTRIC UNICYCLE- the Future Transport You NEVER Knew Existed!

This week a bit of speculation on why Electric Unicycle such as my awesome Gotway Monster remain such a niche product. And what I think we can do to help build more public awareness!

Shoutout to Kuji for his awesome videos on the KingSong S18!!

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Thanks to everyone below for the awesome tunes!
“Missing Someone” by DJ Quads https://www.instagram.com/djquads/?hl=en
& "Future Funk" by Joakim Karud - https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
& "Sorry" by Jantrax - https://soundcloud.com/jantr4x
& "landscape" by Jantrax - https://soundcloud.com/jantr4x
& "Be Brave Have Faith" by SOOHAN https://soundcloud.com/soohan

Enjoy the videos- greatly appreciate your support and please hit that like button & subscribe! So June marks the 2nd years of my electric unicycle adventure and although some things have changed and wheels certainly have gotten better, EUC remains a niche sport, even here in NYC where we have one of the most active ridership in the world I am still regularly questioned by curious onlooker as to what the crazy contraption it is I am riding. And this is an electric unicycle, more specifically the Gotway monster, despite being the largest of its kind, comparing to any other forms of transportation including an electric skateboard it remains compact, stable and is faster and have longer range than any thing else twice its price but for reasons I’ll explain later, its also the least known PEV in the market. About a year ago I made a video on why I thought the electric unicycle will revolutionize transportation and why I thought that it probably never will. So much had happen with in the past 12 month that I thought it worth while to revisit the subject since not only have the world changed because of the Covid 19 pandemic, we also saw drastic shift to the Electric Unicycle field with the introduction suspension to the latest generation of wheels. This week, why I think the electric unicycle is the future of transportation and why there’s a good chance that none of your friends still have no ideas as to what it is. Roll the intro! As always please like and subscribe if you enjoy this video. I had noticed a shift here in NYC with our Eskate group where more and more people are switching from electric skateboard and even scooter to electric unicycle. Likely since EUC generally have more range, better stability because of the larger tire and less maintenance since with only a single wheel they are simpler machines. You can only be passed by another wheel so many times before you start to think. Hmmm.. I should give it a shot. But all of this remain inside of a small circle of bleeding edge enthusiast. For the general public, there had been a huge uptick of interest in personal electric vehicle, because of the Covid19 pandemic. In urban areas where people had always relied on public transport, this seem like a much better idea than being stuck in a box with a bunch of random strangers. Interests that is but except in electric unicycles. And I have been curious as to why. To start lets talk about the Ipad, which if you are old enough you’ll remember that when it was released back in 2010 it was met with wide spread skepticism and inappropriate jokes about feminine hygiene product. And lets not forget that by that point, having launch the Iphone 3 years prior to the absolute adoration of the public. Steve Job and Apple should have been in as solid of a position as any modern tech company to elicit just a bit more faith in their work. But that wasn’t the case.
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