Election Deniers Crumbling, 2022 Midterms Imminent 9/16/22 TDPS Podcast

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NEW SHOW: Dems KEEP GAINING on Republicans for 2022 / Trump DERANGED, Threatens Violence if Indicted / Republican ADMITS HE WAS WRONG About 2020 Election Theft / and much more...

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00:00 Dems KEEP GAINING on Republicans for 2022
02:47 Trump DERANGED, Threatens Violence if Indicted
07:42 Republican ADMITS HE WAS WRONG About 2020 Election Theft
10:19 FBI Raid Causes Mike Pillow to Lose His Mind
14:42 Caller Wants to Stop Self-Sabotaging
18:08 Is There "Ethical Consumption" Under Capitalism
22:46 Is Martial Arts Good?
26:07 Did Trump Have Any Positive Accomplishments?
29:30 Military Member: The Military Isn't Woke
34:16 How Much Money Would It Take to Make Me a Grifter?
38:31 Caller's 2nd Amendment Workaround
40:58 What Would An Ideal Third Party Be?
45:41 You're a Fu(&!ng Nazi Beta Boy
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Broadcast on September 16, 2022

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