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Daily Twitch Fails and Highlights for 04 May 2022
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Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think! Here are the timestamps for each clip
0:00 Mizkif: Meerkat ends mizkifs stream
0:29 forsen: Forsen gets scared by tts
0:45 Nmplol: another vacation for chance
1:00 Mizkif: Offline Miz chattter
1:55 xQcOW: Amber Heards Lawyer
2:11 Mizkif: Emiru receives even more gifts
2:47 ExtraEmily: ExtraEmilys dad is too based
3:14 loltyler1: Tyler and Tarzaned meet
3:35 forsen: Goofy falls off a cliff
4:00 Knut: What does Billy Herrington have to do with Putins war OMEGALUL
4:30 Jerma985: Jerma checks out suspicious video
5:19 Mizkif: Mizkif Finally Tells Emiru What He Really Thinks Of Her
5:28 EXBC: Long jump champ 2022
5:55 forsen: forsens take on toxicity HOLY
6:28 supertf: Super does wordle
6:54 loltyler1: Best way to get T1 reformed
7:14 Lacari: EZ AF
7:22 xQcOW: XQC makes a good point
8:02 Mizkif: Austin goes to a palm reader
8:30 Mizkif: Miz and Austin going to the toilet together
8:43 CashMeow: something always happens in the backround
9:05 Russel: pre stream ritual
9:26 alte: Swag
9:31 Mizkif: austin goes to a palm reader in korea
9:45 Russel: actual lamonting
9:57 Mizkif: bad influence hachu
10:26 xQcOW: holy booba
10:52 Zoil: HUH
11:04 melina: Alinity and Kyootbot Kissing
11:14 xQcOW: thelord32cm challenges xqc

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Outro music by Ghostrifter Official: https://youtu.be/Y30VQPGtxOs
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