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B-Boy Cico, one of my favourite b-boy of all time with electro freestyle power melody as a background! This Italian dancer is known for his amazing power moves, especially crazy handspins and original style! This was still a great time for breakdance when it was really a dance, not a sport, not a discipline at Olympics!!!
I miss the times when people danced to real music, not to Britney Spears alike pop commercial s**t and not to some noise that makes my head hurt. You can call me dinosaur, but this is not a true breakdance when people know what they will perform before the battle and dont care about the music. They don't react when music changes... There is no passion, no true dance, no love to the music and no synchronization at all. If you want to make break dance a sport, better switch to the gymnastic shows as they can do flares easily too but it still has nothing to true break dance!

People say oh man, your videos are amazing. Perhaps. I know when they are bad - when I don't feel it inside, this power, this flow that drives every second. I work with my whole body, make a robot waves, freezes, laugh at the monitor, jump and many other crazy stuff. This power tears me apart. It's like the reflection of my soul, I can't deny it, it's in me. These dancers dance like I would dance with their great skills :) If you love something it comes to you easier. There are still many people who love music that gives them the joy of life and drives them to everyday activities. They can't be fooled by the ubiquitous mediocrity. Thanks again that you listen and watch what I'm trying to convey to you - love to the music and dance. In this boring but brutal world it is a light of hope and something that can give you a joy and meaning to life. Greetings to everyone and thanks for being in my crazy world of electro freestyle and break dance! :)
Kudos to all real b-boys and music artists. Break dance and music 4 Life!
Music by Volt.

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