Bad Drivers & Driving Fails [39] | Police Instant Karma, Idiots In Cars, Road Rage USA & Canada

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This video shows why you need a dash cam!!
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The videos should be taken as a tool for Educational and Journalistic purposes. All footage is Edited and I add a storyline, commentary and the location of the incident. We are here to give you additional information about so you have better understanding what did driver do wrong and educate yourself to be a better driver.

???? All videos belong to their respective owners / holders & Permission granted.
Credited for the video on screen! (Thank You!)
1. icyant Drives - Dashcam 08/29/2021 Caught speeding down Route 9W
2. icyant Drives - Dashcam 08/20/2021 KKX4833 struggles on wide turns
3. icyant Drives - Dashcam 08/20/2021 NY KGA6149 makes left turn from right lane
4. icyant Drives - Dashcam 08/15/2021 Jaywalking across traffic
5. icyant Drives - Dashcam 09/12/2020 NY JJB2428 Hatzolah flies across I-495W in
6. Mah-koo Nation - Car Accident(Mom's Car)
7. George Wall - Roundabout twat
8. TeslaKevin - Aggressive Connecticut Driver VS Tesla.
9. TeslaKevin - BAD DRIVERS: Boston Cop almost hits car Southie rotary
10. TeslaKevin - Bad Drivers. Western Express Truck makes illegal u-turn on highway ramp. Cuts off Tesla.
11. Gairc Nolrac - bad driving in Oldham (no suprise)
12. MikalZ - Reckless Oversize Load Hits Car (Accelerated)
13. Bangor Area Dash Cam - Car accident 1/14/22
14. Bangor Area Dash Cam - Closest call ive ever had camera gives it no justice
15. Bangor Area Dash Cam - Mother Trucker
16. Patrick McDonald - PGW 4145 Hit And Run - Both Angles and Freeze Frames
17. icyant Drives - Dashcam 11/28/2020 Reckless last second exit almost results in crash
18. icyant Drives - Dashcam 09/05/2020 NY JJY4223 and another runs red light
19. icyant Drives - Dashcam 11/14/2020 Distracted NYPD traffic officer on the highway

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