7 Awesome Facts You (Probably) Didn't Know About Blackstar Amps! What's The Deal With Blackstar?

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What's the deal with Blackstar Amps? Are they any good? Are Blackstar amps worth it? Dagan offers up 7 facts you might not know about this innovative, relatively new company!

Did you know the idea for Blackstar was conceived over a beer? Or which legendary artist named an album after them?

What groundbreaking amp technology did Blackstar create? What awesome thing did their chief engineer do?! Find out the answers to these and more in Dagan's quick history of Blackstar Amps!

0:00 Intro
1:47 Blackstar Fact #1 - David Bowies 'Blackstar' Was Named After The Company
3:05 Blackstar Fact #2 - Blackstar Amps Started In The Pub!
4:05 Blackstar Fact #3 - Blackstar Amps Are Only 14 Years Old
5:10 Blackstar Fact #4 - They Have 3 Amazing, Innovative Patents Under Their Belt
7:53 Blackstar Fact #5 - Every Amp They've Made Has Won An Award
8:22 Blackstar Fact #6 - They Have The Largest R&D Team In The Industry
9:14 Blackstar Fact #7 - Their Chief Engineer Composed & Released a 30 Minute Symphony!
10:11 Final Thoughts On Blackstar Amps & Outro

If you're a fan of Blackstar Amps like us here at PMT you'll love this quick insight into one of the most innovative, versatile amp makers on the planet!

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