5 Cheap Cars That Make You Look Rich! Part 3

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Happy April Fools Day! Make sure to share this video everywhere.
Yeah, Past Me, has no idea who he's messing with. Let's show him whose boss by getting this video more views than the original! This entire video is a terrible joke that's massively cringe beginning to end. Don't take any part seriously. Not even the edgy static. I just did that to get the video to 10 minutes. This video is a parody that satirizes every list video ever (my own included). Anyways, do you like cheap supercars and other cars that make you look rich and elevate your status? Of course you do, you non-car normie. This video is not the result of taking drugs, but rather the result of pulling an all-nighter to play Need for Speed Most Wanted for 4 hours straight. That game was garbage, and I'll be darned if I didn't try to find a way to break even on the $20 I spent on that crappy game. So go to Cartaku and make my experience with that game feel somewhat more justified by watching that series. That way, I'm not suffering alone. Also while you're at it. Make sure to better defend yourself from clickbait GTAV YouTuber's who shove 9 midrolls into their 10 minute video. Like who does that? More so, who sits through that without questioning the morality behind it? Are people such brain dead puppets nowadays that they're okay with ads playing every minute? They have to be kids, there's no way an adult would subject themselves to that. Also this video better be trending by the time I wake up. JK, IDGAF what happens to this video. It's a 1 day gag anyway...as far as I'm concerned.

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