10 Times People Have Caught Unexplained Things In The Snow

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10 Times People Have Caught Unexplained Things In The Ice

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10 Times People Have Caught Unexplained Things In The Snow

Hi everyone! Welcome back to our most awesome channel, Mind Read! We're so excited that you could join us here for this super-snowy video! Today, we're going to show you 10 times people have caught unexplained things in the snow.

Whoa, this should be cool, right? Probably freezing, really. We definitely think we might need to rug up a little now. So make sure you hold onto your scarves, jackets and beanies, and know that there’s a warm fireplace warming you up in my imagination, if not your own! Let’s go and find out what our top 10 are... we could bring some cake too. Sounds perfect!

Number 10: At our tenth spot, we’re talking about waterfalls of blood. Wow, that really does sound kinda creepy, but it’s our first reveal in the countdown and it looks like something out of a novel.

A precise definition of a waterfall is difficult to find. Most depictions and definitions refer to a waterfall as (more or less) a vertical stream of water that flows over the edge of a cliff that has eroded away, and where each section of a waterfall is sometimes referred to as a cascade.

Let’s see how cool this is now... Okay, so we’re in freezing-cold Antarctica, that’s where we are. Wow! A snowy waterfall of ice caught in the snow. Baffling scientists, for many years, we’re looking at an unusual expression of red in the ice. Oxidised iron (since the year 1911) is here. The salt in the water mixes with the iron, therefore causing the rust-looking hue, or blood color. And this takes our number 10 spot for times people have caught unexplained things in the snow. This one took many years to solve, in fact. Let’s keep going!

Number 9: At the spot number 9 in the countdown, we have this cool and unexplained thing in the snow. Are you ready for it? We’ll give you 3 guesses, okay?

No, it’s not a bird, or a plane, and no, it’s not Superman, either. Although, that’d be cool, super cool!

Okay, this one’s really good. It’s cash! Wow, yeah. Money makes the world go around, and in this scenario it totally got caught up in time, frozen! Kinda like a frozen bank account but different. Hehe.

This story comes from Maine, from Bangor. And in 2015 (during Winter), this very unbelievable find was made in the snow. A Walmart employee found the cash and was quite dumbfounded when he did so, because it was in the parking lot at his workplace when he was collecting trash.

Actually, the twist here, is that a gentleman had reported this amount missing the prior year, and it was returned by the authorities to the happy restaurant owner. Wow, that’s really awesome, and this takes the coolest, most-cashed-up spot for this placement in the countdown.

Do you have any awesome or interesting facts about things people caught in the snow that others might not be aware of? Comment below for us and we’ll absolutely get stuck into reading them as soon as we possibly can. Any fun fact will do! Oh, and don’t forget to start a conversation with our other viewers so we can enjoy building up our beautiful community here at the channel. Let’s keep going to the next one. Can you hand me some gloves though, my hands are freezing? Thanks so much, I don’t mind which color gloves, as long as they’re warm. Our big boss though, he likes blue, so if you have them I’ll pass them on. Ta!

Number 8: At the eighth spot in our countdown, we can tell you that we’ll let you have another guess here. Three hints are just for you as clues, okay?

Clue number 1: Something used to source food...
Clue number 2: Something sharp and purposeful...
Clue number 3: Something you might run from.

Number 5: This one is going to take us to this amazing find. Lochness in Antarctica, anyone? Well, that’s what many folks from the United Kingdom thought this one would be. Yes, let’s take a look and see. It takes our number 5 spot people have caught unexplained things in the snow.

The 70-million-year-old find is said to belong to an alasmasoar, a definitive addition to the dinosaur world from a very, very, really long time ago. Weighing 15 tons and being 40 or more feet long. Thought to eat molluscs and crab-like food in the ocean, science is still trying to figure out more about these cool creatures.

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