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It's getting cold out, and while it may only be October, WINTER IS COMING! Bundle up and enjoy some fails in the snow! We have sledding fails, ski fails, and more! Submit your video to FailArmy.com! Be sure to check out The Flop!

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Snow Plow Covers Bystanders in Snow https://goo.gl/VcPQ33
Dog Attacks Snow Flying From Snow Blower https://goo.gl/D21e3y
Guy Tries to Backflip in Snow https://goo.gl/Ruqe2J
Snow Mountain Bike Faceplant https://goo.gl/bREC8w
Cartwheel into Snow Bellyflop https://goo.gl/cnJSeZ
Skier Jumps and Faceplants Snow https://goo.gl/hLc9DH
Girl Dives Into Layers of Snow https://goo.gl/XK6iNm
Faceplant off Bike in Snow https://goo.gl/nZrurC
Trampoline Snow Bellyflop https://goo.gl/KgUXBm
Baby Face Plants Into Snow https://goo.gl/GkL558
Winter Gymnast Sinks into Snow https://goo.gl/bCNbPW
Man on Tube Crashes into Snow https://goo.gl/mKVCYE
Girl Fails on a Snow Day https://goo.gl/Z9bSCW
"Guy Eats Snow " https://goo.gl/2aLkjA
Snowboard Jumper Crashes in Snow https://goo.gl/NnMfBC
Skiing Woman Faceplants Snow https://goo.gl/EwDvYq
Snow Roof Fall https://goo.gl/18UX87
Guy Can't Backflip into Snow https://goo.gl/D8at7P
Biker Runs Into Snow Bank https://goo.gl/qosBfk
Snowmobile Crashes Downhill https://goo.gl/nEFsVa
Ice Skater Falls on Back https://goo.gl/LAA1cD
Snowboarder Slips on Ice https://goo.gl/zVvDSN
" Downhill Skier Faceplants on Ice" https://goo.gl/35NpK6
Ice Auger Spin Fail https://goo.gl/KmzgVd
Snow Plow Drops Snow From Overpass https://goo.gl/5jLbyS
Snow Mound Backflip Fail https://goo.gl/iTKypV
Snowboarder Nosedives Into Snow https://goo.gl/BvV567
"Rally Car Drifts into Snow " https://goo.gl/rjAFB4
Parkour Fail in the Snow https://goo.gl/WPgsXo
Guy on Snow Tube Wipes Out https://goo.gl/CEKBKn
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