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War fighters! Subscribe to be up to date on the latest video information from War Is Hell. If you do, I'll be able to play to Arma 4 and beyond.

If you can spare some change, please donate to the channel’s Patreon. That money is used for research, third party work (such as voice acting), purchasing additional content like the new TAC-OPS DLC, and promotional items to help out the channel. To donate please go to the link below. You can also follow me at the following places:

Patreon →
Twitter → @_warishell
Facebook →

"This video was created using content of Bohemia Interactive a.s."
"Copyright © 2013 Bohemia Interactive a.s. All rights reserved."
"See for more information."

Want to watch more from War is Hell? Here is a short synopsis on the current and previous topics that we have discussed on the channel.
The Korean Peninsula has reignited with conflict in the latest alternate history series. This Second Korean War, is playing out right now on the channel. If you're curious to see how this war between North Korea and South Korea (along with their allies), follow the link below!

Argentina and the United Kingdom are at war over the Falkland Islands once again. See how a fight for the Falklands would play out in 2017 in this alternate history series. Want to know who wins the Second Falklands War? Check out the link below!

Are you playing Battlefield 1? Want to know some of the history is games? The playlist below is updated with information about the history of tanks, aircraft and other really awesome subjects. Make sure to check out the series by following the link below.

One of the things that makes Arma 3 so amazing to play is the singleplayer user created content. New missions are added all the time. I’ll go through, play some of them and rate them so you can see if this is a mission that is worth getting out of the steam workshop.

The milsim experience in Arma 3 is absolutely unparalleled. Watch as I play with the 183rd Air Assault Division as we take on missions as an actual army unit. We’ll do various multiplayer campaigns that are written by me. There are some great people and military veterans that make this one of the best experiences you can find. To watch the missions with the 183rd, click the link below.

If you want to join the 183rd Air Assault Division and play Arma 3 with me, click the link below to sign up:

Along with Hololand, we created a group called The Odd Squad who takes a very casual approach to Arma multiplayer. The missions and locations vary on a regular basis, but some awesomeness always ensues. You’ll see a lot of Arma 3 Zeus from me there as well as taking part with some great Arma 3 co-op partners. To watch, just click below.

If you are looking to join The Odd Squad and play some Arma 3 with me, click the link below to sign up:

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