The Most Controversial Gibson Guitar of 2018 - The Modern Flying V | Full Review + Demo
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The Most Controversial Gibson Guitar of 2018 - The Modern Flying V | Full Review + Demo

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The Gibson Modern Flying V has to be one of the most controversial guitars Gibson has released in awhile. It was met with a lot of hate - and tons of videos of people calling this the ugliest guitar ever made. It is being offered in Ebony Prism, Silver Prism and Gold Prism.

Personally, I don't understand all the hate. Yes, it is a rip off of the Jackson Roswell Design (shame on Gibson for that), but it IS different enough that they are not the same guitars. If they were that similar, there would be a pending lawsuit over the design. Still the similarities are a bit of a let down. I had initially thought this was a new original Gibson design.

So Gibson made 33 of each of these guitars in 3 finishes. Ebony Prism, Gold Prism and Silver Prism. I'm sure there is a prototype out there as well, so there are likely 100 modern flying Vs out there. I guarantee these will be future collector's items as they are hard to find even brand new today. I doubt these will be produced again with the way things are looking for Gibson.

I had purchased this one to hold on to it for these reasons and because I thought the design was cool. However, I actually had to return this guitar because I feel Gibson did not describe the finish very well. This is call EBONY PRISM - I would expect it to be black. However, this guitar is clearly purple and didn't look anything like the photos on their site. Now, there is nothing 'wrong' with this color, this just isn't what I was expecting to show up. Had I of known ebony prism was actually Purple Prism, I would've went with a silver prism one. Unfortunately, it is too late as I don't see any for sale.

There are some things I would've done differently with the design of this guitar. The output jack is in the worst position possible, we need an ebony fretboard, locking grover tuners and a rubber strip on the side to make this guitar able to be played sitting down as well as standing up.

The pickups in this thing were incredibly hot - too hot for cleans in my opinion - but sounded AWESOME once you hit it with the distortion. It is a very light weight guitar (just a little over 6lbs) so it is comfortable to play for a long period of time. However, I feel it is almost 'too' light - it almost feels like a toy.

Overall, I like the modern v, but just not in this color. I wish Gibson would've described this one as Purple Prism and not make this look like a cool outer space black with star sparkles in their stock photos.

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