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Here’s our compilation of the best videos of awesome people for April 2016! It features skimboarding, parkour, trampoline wall tricks, circus arts, basketball trick shots, martial arts, calisthenics, BMX, freestyle jet ski, soccer, football and yoga tricks. These athletes, gymnasts and acrobats are incredible! The phenomenal soundtrack is Battlecry by Digitalism.

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Skateboarding Edition:

Digitalism - Battlecry
Taken from the new album MIRAGE, out 13th May 2016.
Pre-Order here:

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Original Videos:

0:00 Guy Goofs off at Freerunning Academy
0:03 Loaded Boards Lofti Lamaali
0:05 Man Performs Multiple Backflips at the Beach
0:08 Samantha Sendal Trampoline Wall
0:15 Jet Ski Freestyle Tricks by Ant Burgess
0:18 The Human Cartwheel
0:24 Getting out the Pool
0:29 Parkour Jumps by Denester
0:31 Slum Dunk over Friends Head
0:36 Parkour Jumps by Denester
0:38 Dad Does Planche with Son
0:42 Lonboarding Kickflip Trick
0:45 Cyr Wheel Tricks
0:49 BMXer Hand Shovels Series of Dirt Jumps
0:55 Longboarding Powerslide
1:03 Guy Performs Headstand on Swegway
1:11 Yoga of the Future
1:15 Golf Putting Train
1:19 Trampoline Wall at the Freerunning Academy
1:23 10 Backflips in a Row
1:30 Pond Skimming
1:35 High Kick in High Heels
1:43 Parkour athlete weaves through bars
1:48 Incredible Golf Putt
1:59 Austin Keen Skimboarding Line
2:11 BMX High Jump
2:14 Alladin & His Magic Carpet
2:23 Thomas Chambers Trampoline Wall
2:34 Basketball x Crossfit
2:46 Backflip at the Skatepark Slow Mo
2:53 Explosive Long Jump by the Lost Breed
2:59 BMX Wheelie on Rail
3:02 Samantha Sendal Trampoline Wall
3:05 Cyr Wheel Tricks
3:10 The Human Ferris Wheel
3:15 Skimboard transfer
3:25 Backflips into the Sea
3:34 Freestyle Football by Liv Cooke
3:38 Parkour at the Gymnasium

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME is the number one destination for amazing, original videos and compilations of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We feature all sorts of different extreme sports and activities other amazing feats, including parkour, skateboarding, tricking, cliff diving, wingsuit flying, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, acrobatics, calisthenics, cheerleading, freestyle football, basketball dunks, extreme pogo, freerunning, cycling, kayaking, frisbee trick shots, golf, martial arts, BASE jumping and many, many more a host of other action sports! Whether you’re searching in 2015 or any other year, check out our amazing and original action sports videos in HD where we show you why we think people are awesome!

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