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10 AMAZING Animal Rescues That Will Warm Your Heart!

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These 10 amazing animal rescues will warm your heart! From sad dogs and cats to helpless puppies, these deserted animals were saved and your faith in humanity will be restored after seeing these inspiring animal rescues!

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10. Manatees - Manatees are one of the most popular species of animal in Florida, and are loved by both locals and tourists.

9. Penny the Pig - When hurricane Harvey hit Texas in 2017, there were mass evacuations of the areas most at risk, and this left animals in precarious situations.

8. Peanut the Cat - Cats are inquisitive creatures and will spend a lot of time exploring your neighbourhood. This means that they occasionally go missing

7. Benny the Horse - Benny’s owners had completely abandoned him in their backyard and were starving him to death. It’s not entirely clear why

6. Thirsty Cobra - It’s not just cute or friendly animals that need to be saved- those that we are afraid of can also find themselves in dire straights, and it takes a particularly brave soul to help them out.

5. Flamingos - In 2017, Hurricane Irma struck the Florida panhandle, and caused widespread devastation.

4. Thorn the Baby Squirrel - Visitors travel to the Kruger national park in South Africa to see a wide variety of animals that aren’t seen anywhere else on earth, but it was an all too common creature that became the focus of attention for one group of tourists.

3. Trapped Horse - Floodwaters following Hurricane Harvey in Texas in 2017 caused a lot of difficulties for people and animals

2. Alaska the Polar Bear - Polar bears are some of the largest and most powerful creatures on earth, but when they are trapped and mistreated by people, they need as much help as anything else. alike.

1. Duct Taped Dog - While most people are incredibly loving and caring towards their pets, there are some who are capable of unimaginable acts of cruelty.

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